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Preparing for the Future

Jaden Reyna, Editor December 16, 2022

Silicon Valley Career Technical Education (SVCTE) is a vocational school (trade school), which means it is not like a typical high school. SVCTE does not offer regular classes like English and Math,...

Decreased Enrollment

Decreased Enrollment

Zoe Harms, Co-Editor-in-Chief May 24, 2022

Because of a decrease in enrollment, some significant changes will affect the upcoming school year. There have been discussions about cutting courses and possibly transferring some teachers.  “Declining...

The Bathroom Club

Zoe Harms, Co-Editor-in-Chief February 7, 2022

Since coming back to school, I’ve noticed that most of the bathrooms have been closed. This has been an issue for many students including myself, and especially for girls.  The gym bathroom was recently...

You’ll Learn To Loathe Being Late: Admin Implement Stricter Tardy Rules

Marley Romero, Section Editor December 2, 2021

Since the beginning of the new school year, we have been introduced to new rules regarding tardiness. These rules have been brought on with the help of old and new administrators. These new rules consist...

Why Senior Night Is Important To Seniors

Alexa Ramos, Editor November 24, 2021

As the fall season sports comes to an end, the football and cheer teams are the last teams to get their senior night this season. Senior night is to celebrate the senior players on their final game on...

BEEP! BEEP! Traffic Jam!

BEEP! BEEP! Traffic Jam!

Zoe Harms, Co-Editor-in-Chief November 1, 2021

At the beginning of every school year, there always seems to be a slight increase in traffic. Unfortunately, this year, the amount of traffic hasn't gone down like it usually does. Instead, it feels like...

Questionable Dress Code

Questionable Dress Code

April Sayaan, Staff Writer November 1, 2021

The dress code should not be as strict as it is right now at our school. The dress code isn’t terrible but it can be improved. The new dress code states that you are not able to show your shoulders,...

TikTok Trend Turns Students Into Vandals

TikTok Trend Turns Students Into Vandals

Nic Gulizia, Editor October 28, 2021

Over the past few years, the app TikTok has been rising in popularity. Creators can make short, funny videos and share them on the app for other users to see on their "for you page." Information and ideas...

Sleeping in school

Sleeping in school

Tatiana Martinez, Section Editor October 11, 2019

Your eyes feel heavy. You want to rest your head on your desk just for a minute. You keep anxiously glancing at the clock, knowing that every second, every tick, gets you closer and closer to freedom....

Drama Class rehearsal afterschool second scene in play featuring Holiday, Kelly, and Samantha

Fiddler On The Roof

Marco Antonio Rodriguez, Staff Writer, Photographer April 1, 2019

Where are we now? Entering through the right-hand stage, Tevye (Vincent Nastrini) a Jewish man living in the town of Anatevka faces rapid change in his town that leads him to consider irrational choices...

Paychecks for grades

Liam Kirk, Staff Writer March 29, 2019

A debate that often is brought among students is whether or not the information we learn in school will actually be used in real life situations as we get older. After high school is college, for some...

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