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Bathroom Bylaws

Nic Gulizia, Editor November 7, 2022

Imagine you are sitting down in 6th period history and you really need to use the restroom. The bathroom pass, however, isn’t available. That one student who went to the restroom 25 minutes ago hasn’t...

Doordashing Rights

Doordashing Rights

April Sayaan, Staff Writer February 7, 2022

Students Doordashing food onto campus has been a controversial thing. Doordashing food onto campus can be convenient for students who have money and crave certain foods, but door dashing food onto campus...

You’ll Learn To Loathe Being Late: Admin Implement Stricter Tardy Rules

Marley Romero, Section Editor December 2, 2021

Since the beginning of the new school year, we have been introduced to new rules regarding tardiness. These rules have been brought on with the help of old and new administrators. These new rules consist...

Questionable Dress Code

Questionable Dress Code

April Sayaan, Staff Writer November 1, 2021

The dress code should not be as strict as it is right now at our school. The dress code isn’t terrible but it can be improved. The new dress code states that you are not able to show your shoulders,...

Gunderson Hallway Regulations

Gunderson Hallway Regulations

Quan Nguyen, Staff Writer December 19, 2017

Hallway passed are known to schools across the United States allowing students to use the restroom in times of need as to not disturb classroom learning. However, some students have abused this privilege...

Friday School Pass

A Day In Friday School

Jalen Hunter, Staff Writer December 18, 2017

There are a handful of students at Gunderson High School who break some of our rules every week. These students may have to attend Friday school. Friday school is a place kids go to on Fridays if they...

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