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Are student athletes struggling to juggle school and sports at once?

Are student athletes struggling to juggle school and sports at once?

Nic Gulizia, Sports Section Editor

December 13, 2019

Time management among student-athletes is constantly changing as more and more students are learning important skills to help juggle sports and school at once. Student-athletes in today’s world are progressing in skills that may help them in the long run when it comes to time management. Trying...

Athletes in PE just isn’t worth it

Some athletes play sports outside of school, so they still have to do PE.

Angie Gulizia, Editor in Chief

January 14, 2019

PE is usually a way for students that aren’t normally active to get their much-needed exercise at school. In San Jose Unified, if students play school sports, they have the option to opt out of PE their sophomore year. However, some students only play competitive sports outside of school, making them ...

Gunderson Grizzlies Athletes

Gunderson Grizzlies Athletes

Erin Wells, Staff Writer

December 20, 2017

Being a student athlete can be challenging at times. The stress of having to going to practice, then getting home late, being tired, but still have homework to do can be exhausting. John Ruiz, a senior at Gunderson, has been boxing for 5 years. “Boxing was a way to stay in shape and also channel...

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