The Paw Print

Warning! Red Flags Up Ahead

April 4, 2023

”A 'red flag' is a term used to describe when somebody has a feeling that they are potentially dealing with a manipulative and/or possibly psychotic or sociopathic individual. It's usually used to explain...

Why students enjoy our school

KK Furtado, Staff Writer April 4, 2023

Currently in teenage society not a lot of teens look forward to weekdays because they can't stay home and relax or hangout with their friends all day long. All teens and kids want to have fun and stay...

Over the Net

Kenny Vu, Staff Writer April 4, 2023

Spring is here, and it’s also the season for badminton. Many schools compete against each other in games to prove who’s better. Gunderson’s badminton team is one of these competitors and has given...

The Strings & Sticks

The Strings & Sticks

Kenny Vu, Staff Writer March 9, 2023

Music is a large part of our lives. However, not many know the process of how their favorite bands create hit songs. If you’d like to know about how bands might prepare for a concert, take a look at...

Women: Redefining the Term

Lesly Hernandez, Co-Editor-in-Chief December 16, 2022

Women often deal with the stereotype that they’re expected to have kids sometime in their life – no matter what it takes. Regardless of how it may affect their jobs and finances.  In the world...

Defending your Digital Castle

Defending your Digital Castle

Kenneth Vu, Staff Writer December 16, 2022

The world is becoming more and more dangerous as it transitions to a digital phase, and it requires a lot more knowledge on how someone can stay safe. Caution must be taken, and your guard must be kept...

Winter Wonders

Loi, Phuoc, Staff Writer December 16, 2022

The Winter “traditions” are often polar. Winter time influences some people into a depression called the Winter blues, yet it has the most celebrated holiday of all, Christmas. A time when one is to...

Preparing for the Future

Jaden Reyna, Editor December 16, 2022

Silicon Valley Career Technical Education (SVCTE) is a vocational school (trade school), which means it is not like a typical high school. SVCTE does not offer regular classes like English and Math,...

The Beautiful Game

Vanessa Valdovinos Flores, Staff Writer December 16, 2022

The  FIFA World Cup is the most important soccer competition in the world. Played every four years, 32 national teams across the world are chosen to play in this month-long competition.  All 32 teams...

Mr Chew - A Dive into the ADs duties

Mr Chew – A Dive into the AD’s duties

Nic Gulizia, Editor December 14, 2022

Brian Chew is a rather popular figure on campus. Most students know him as the athletic director that you go to when you need a ticket to play a sport, or need to turn in your physical. His job may seem...

Holiday Shopping Guide

KK Furtado, Staff Writer December 12, 2022

Imagine you walk into Target on a Friday night and it is packed, so loud you can't even hear yourself think, and you see people waiting in lines as long as Disneyland park ride lines. Then you remember…...

Krueger or Kringle

Krueger or Kringle

Harrison Nguyen, Staff Writer December 12, 2022

There are many fun films made that are centered around holidays. But there are no other holidays that can catch the attention of people more than Christmas and Halloween.  A lot of films have been...

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