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Extraordinary student athlete thriving in not 1, but 2 sports

Maricia Acevedo… Impressive Athlete !!!

Picture of Maricia (left)  in Volleyball uniform with a friend

Picture of Maricia (left) in Volleyball uniform with a friend

Picture of Maricia (left) in Volleyball uniform with a friend

Jalen Hunter, Staff Writer

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At Gunderson High School there are many great athletes, but this athlete is able to balance grades and not 1, but 2 sports.

Maricia Acevedo is a Freshman at our school. She is 14 years old, the middle child in her family, and has a 3.2 gpa. Maricia plays volleyball and basketball for not only our school, but plays basketball outside of school for another league.

She’s played basketball since middle school. In basketball her number is #20 and plays shooting guard on the junior varsity team here at GHS. I asked Maricia why she left her comfort zone to try out for the volleyball team and she said “I did volleyball because I wanted to try something new, but I still prefer Basketball because it’s more aggressive and fun.” She explained shooting guard as “The aggressive type on the team.”

She also has a very strong connection to the coach (Coach Alexis) whom she looks up to. In volleyball it was her first year playing. She was #1, played right side, and middle for the girls freshman team.

Maricia explained to me how her volleyball coach (Coach Jackie Lucero)  has taught her many great lessons in not only the sport but outside of it. Maricia recently attended a volleyball banquet where the coaches gave out awards such as ‘Best Hitter’, ‘Best Server’, and ‘Best Setter.’ Although they did not make playoffs this season, she is still looking forward to trying out next year and getting another shot to make it to playoffs.

“I like doing sports because it relieves my stress, and because it feels good to be in shape,” stated Maricia.

I also asked her why she considered doing sports in the first place and she said “I considered doing sports because it makes you closer with new people and you will become like a family.”

Many student athletes struggle with their grades and completing homework so I decided to ask Maricia how she is able to complete all of hers. She said,“One of my struggles as an athlete is that your time is limited, I get home at around 5:30-6:00, do chores, and sometimes take care of my brother.”

Maricia also explained to me how she manages her time by using GLC wisely because student athletes are frequently busy. She also tries to ask for as much help as she needs in her classes.

I then asked Maricia what colleges she is looking towards to trying to get into and she said “I am looking at UCLA, De Anza, and Duke.” The gpa UCLA requires is a 3.5, De Anza is 2.0, and Duke is somewhere around 3.5 or higher.

Although her chances to go to Duke and UCLA are very slim, it is just the beginning to the middle of freshman year, so she has a lot of time to raise her GPA before junior year.

“I know the women’s basketball coach for De Anza, he has been my basketball coach for two years.” That is a great addition she could add to her transcript if she is looking to go to De Anza for college.

Maricia then finished off by telling me what she wants to be when she grows up and she said “In the future I’m looking forward to playing basketball for the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association), hard work pays off.”

Maricia Acevedo is a very positive and uplifting girl who loves to play volleyball and basketball. She has big dreams in the future. Who knows if those dreams will come true, I guess only time can tell.

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Extraordinary student athlete thriving in not 1, but 2 sports