The Pros and Cons of Cell Phones


Citlalli Balderas

A student uses her cell phone during class

Citlalli Balderas, Staff Writer

Do cell phones in class disrupt learning?

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Pros of using a cell phone in class:

A useful tool to students: Some teachers have students research or use a calculator  to solve problems or simply used to lookup a word that one might not understand. As a teacher, Mrs. Katie Talbot, Gunderson High School Chemistry teacher, sees the upside of a cell usage. According to Talbot, “Cellphones are a tremendous tool. [A] very, very useful thing to have around because you have all kinds of incredible functionalities in cell phones.” As she added “A cell phone is cool because it can do so many other things. It can take videos, which is very useful for science class…”

As a teacher, Talbot, sees the upside of a cell phone usage. Sophomore student Gelsey Garcia at San Benito High School located in Hollister provided her student opinion: “[The] benefits of using cell phones in class are it can be used as a calculator, a easy and fast way to search up information…”

Listening to music: Sophomore Leslie Garza said, “Listening to music helps me concentrate.” Music is also a good resource for work, instead of being bored and staring off into space, students could have the option to listen to music and avoid all distractions. Although, cell phones are a helpful tool and a good resource to turn to. There comes some disadvantages and downsides to using your cell phones in class.


Cons of using cell phones in class:

Addiction: Cell phones have always been a problem in recent times, people seem to be so attached to their phones that they can’t live without it. Over a the text interview with Gelsey Garcia, she added how I feel about the usage of cellphones is it’s becoming an addiction for teens and possibly older people and can lead to social and mental problems.” Many haven’t thought of the effects that cell phones have to young teens and how much it can damage a young child’s brain. Especially, if it’s constantly being used. “Recently I’ve had a couple of experiences where students have refused to give up their cell phone which actually is a terrible sign of like “I’m so addicted to this thing I can’t let go of it.” added Talbot after being asked if she has experienced any students refusing to give up their cell phones. This just goes to show you that, many can’t live without their phones for even 30- 60 minutes out of the day.

Cheating: Cheating has always been an issue in school, but has cell phones made it even worse? “ The disadvantages of using cell phones is possibility cheating and always relying on technology for answers.” said, Gelsey Garcia. Cheating has been around for ages, but phones have made it more difficult and inaccurate, cell phones are probably the most easiest way to cheat because a teacher can’t go home with you everyday of the week and watch over your shoulder as you do your homework. A phone also takes time from learning how to do things yourself.

Distraction: “They’re such a distraction that when we’re supposed to be taking notes there’s often cell phones out and I have to go around and say “Put your cell phone away.” said by, Mrs. Talbot. Students don’t often realize how distracting a cell phone could be. Teens these days have so many different social media platforms, so when they get the chance to check any notifications they do. This is one of the most biggest problems at schools. According to Leslie Garza, “People can’t handle it” she also added, “ no one pays attention.” When students get the privilege to use cell phones in class, many take advantage to do something unproductive, which makes teachers not want to give them the choice to use cell phones anymore.

No matter a person’s opinion or views on cellphones, they’re are just going to have deal with it and get used to cellphones because cellphones are going to be around for a long time.