Gunderson’s New Dance Team: Sights

Bigger and better than ever


Mitzy Garcia

Chloe Riley (Dance Captain) and Gian Kamal (Dance Director) teaching a new dance

Mitzy Garcia, Editor in Chief

This is a big year for Gunderson High School. Not only have we introduced our school band, but we now have a new dance team: Sights. Sights started off as an idea which came about through inspiration from last year’s dance team Views.

Sights’ dance director, Gian Kamal, a sophomore, decided to step up and bring some people together to form a new dance group. Gunderson students had the opportunity to sign up for tryouts which were held in the span of two Gunderson Learning Center (GLC) periods. There was no experience needed, the directors were looking for students that expressed enthusiasm and excitement.  30 dancers made it on the team which was bigger than the 20 they had anticipated.

Kamal has had years of theatrical experience and plans to continue to improve our dance team for his remaining two years attending Gunderson.

“Sights turned out to be bigger than we had expected but we are so grateful for all of our amazing dancers,” says Kamal.

Lynelle Dizon, a sophomore, is Sights’ dance coordinator and helped choreograph the tryout dance piece.

“I used to dance when I was little and I missed the experience and making friends; it’s fun to let go for a bit,” stated Dizon.

Sights is able to practice twice a week in the mat room during GLC and is preparing to perform in future rallies to come.

Chloe Riley (Dance Captain) and Gian Kamal (Dance Director) teaching a new dance

The team mainly focuses on hip-hop dancing but is open to many different dance styles. The dance pieces are not just choreographed by one person, each piece is a collaboration between the dance captain, director, and coordinator.

Sights’ dance captain, Chloe Riley, has not only had prior dance experience, but is also the Gunderson varsity cheerleading captain. She manages to balance all her activities while remaining active within the Sights dance team.

Sights is not considered a club nor a sport but serves the purpose of being an extracurricular to have more involvement within the school and rallies.

Margaret Kinnah, a senior, is a dancer in Sights. Kinnah joined the team to try something new. Although she has done dance before, Sights “is a way to have some fun and let loose, most of my friends are also on the team and we all enjoy it,” Kinnah expresses.

Kinnah along with the rest of the dance team are more than excited to perform and show Gunderson what they’re made of.