Student Athletes: Time Management

Struggles of being a student athlete

Gunderson High School Cheerleaders

Alondra Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered how much student athletes struggle with managing their time? They constantly have to battle time with getting homework done and making sure grades are maintained in classes in addition to team commitments. Sometimes, it can even be difficult to balance hobbies outside of school and sports.

Emmanuel Ramirez, a junior varsity football player at Gunderson High School, thinks managing time is very important. He practices 4 days of the week which are usually 2-3 hours long and has a game every Friday. School wise, he spends a lot of his time in his GLC (Gunderson Learning Center) getting his homework done.

Jessica Galvez
Gunderson High School Cheerleaders

“If you don’t manage your time you can end up somewhere you wouldn’t like. If you mess it up you will never be responsible for your actions or mistakes,” states Ramirez.

He also has to take care of his younger sister, which adds up considering that he has to get to football practice, get homework done, and get in a few meals. Because of all his priorities, he never has time to study for tests or quizzes that he may have, so he tries to memorize it by reviewing. To avoid struggling, Ramirez makes sure to make time for everything. “Always make a schedule, and never rush things.”

Nathan Martinez, another freshman football player on the JV team, tries to get all his work done in class if there is any extra remaining time. Between all of that, he also has a relationship that he makes time for, and also tries to spend quality time with his family.

According to Martinez, he spends 1 ½ hours on his homework each day. For the most part, he gets it done in class or in GLC.

Every student athlete shares something in common: they all have a GLC period. Destiny Dam, a 9th grader in track & field, has two learning centers which is a lot more beneficial.

She has two 1 hour and 30 minute classes in which she gets to catch up on homework assigned. However, it does have its downfalls. Sometimes she doesn’t have access to a computer in order to write essays and has to wait until home. Not to mention, she practices 4 times a week between 2-3 hours, so it does get hard.

Elias Echavarria
Gunderson Football JV players Emmanuel Ramirez, Fernando Sosa, and Davonte Jackson

Track takes up a lot of her energy and whenever she gets home, she feels like going straight to bed, this takes time away from getting important tasks done. Dam also has responsibilities such as chores. That being said, she has a lot on her hands throughout the week and occasionally her schedule isn’t so easy.

Varsity cheerleader, Jovanna Martinez, also has a pretty busy schedule. She is a part of a quinceañera court as a dama, cheers once and maybe even twice a week, and is in Gunderson’s leadership class. Her main obstacle is having each of the activities so close to each other. Martinez uses her spare time in class to study for tests and getting homework finished.

“Try and space out your activities,” says Jovanna.

Being an athlete and getting involved with school sports is a huge challenge and gets difficult to take on. They also have to remember about getting grade checks signed by each individual teacher and meeting the required GPA for their sport. If you plan ahead and use your resources appropriately, it will get easier to include all of your priorities.