Why students enjoy our school

KK Furtado, Staff Writer

Currently in teenage society not a lot of teens look forward to weekdays because they can’t stay home and relax or hangout with their friends all day long. All teens and kids want to have fun and stay up late playing video games and being on their phone. But weekdays you don’t get to do the fun things like that at school or during weekdays. 

“A recent survey of 1,000 parents with school-aged kids (K–12) found that 80 percent say their children either dislike school or are bored at school.” A study from No Fun zone: 8 in 10 parents fear their children are bored at school – Study Finds  said. No one should dread going to school, we should look forward to going to school and spending our time here.

Everyone believes that school is just homework, essays, and sitting bored in a classroom all day but, school introduces us to basic learning skills, social skills, talents and much more.

“It teaches you how to prepare you for college and your future,” Freshman Johnessa Moreno said. 

Being taught the basic learning skills teaches us how to find solutions to problems in life, how to take the knowledge learned and apply it to our daily lives. It  is also a key element to helping individuals grow in the future. Schools help with teaching children the ability to adhere to the rules and also teaches them about the consequences of learning, the goods and the bads

“My favorite thing is being able to hang out with my friends.” said Freshman Aaliyah Ledesma. 

Another big aspect of school is being able to learn social skills. Having social skills will help individuals to be able to cooperate with people at work like customer service, or being a saler person or in the daily world around them.. You need social skills or you won’t be able to do the basic tasks as a human. Social skills are important fundamentals for someone as a young child. With having social skills it’ll be easier to get their thoughts and feelings shared with the rest of the world., Along with helping them to open up to a diverse social outlet and learn from many of their peers and the cultures around them. Schools help teach children the ability to be vulnerable to and out of their comfort zone to open up and meet people. So making friends and finding cliques to help them grow on a different level outside of a textbook.  

“All the extra curricular activities at Gunderson High School, but specifically leadership,” said Senior Kaitlyn Garcia.

When it comes to talent, schools offer elective programs which could help students to find something they enjoy or have talent for. Not everyone can find passion for an elective but, schools provide either another language, art classes, drama classes, journalism, photography, cooking, sports and more. This could help students to be able to find their passion. Because having the upper hand on having the ability to try new things and getting into new things could turn into a passion and then it can turn into long term, successful careers. 

In this article we’ve gone over the pros and cons about why school is good. That is super important when your future depends on it. These could be the stepping stones to a lifes long term success.