Into the spice cabinet

Harrison Nguyen, Staff Writer

Isis Gaston aka Ice Spice is a 23-year-old music artist who has been a sensation all over social media.

In late 2022, she grew a big fan following with her song “Munch”, giving a boost to her career. As she created more and more of these songs, she grew a bigger and bigger fan base, big enough for the fan base to create an Ice Spice “cult” causing her more fame.

Even though Ice Spice initially had some backlash for her songs for being “uncreative” since people would only know a few lines from her song “Munch”. Yet, there are still people who love and enjoy her music. With around 36 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone and 5.7 million followers on Instagram, it goes to show that she isn’t just a one-hit wonder; she is here to stay and become an even bigger media hit.

She has become so big that people have started to create “cults” of her where they change their profile picture to this certain image of Ice Spice. A cult is where people spend their time and devote themselves to someone.

The people that are a part of this are trying to persuade others to join, saying how they will gain more followers and such. This shows how impactful she is since her fan base tries to recruit people to worship her.

There is nothing wrong with it. There is no harm in this “cult” as it is how Ice Spice fans show their appreciation to her and it’s just for fun and giggles. And as she said once before, “How can I lose if I’m already chose?”

Speaking of what she has said before, the lyrics in her music are something I really enjoy. There are people who will love Ice Spice, and there are some people who aren’t the biggest fans and that’s totally normal. People have their own interests.

But to me, Ice Spice is a musically talented, iconic, and legendary woman: she is the modern-day Princess Diana. When in her song she relates herself to Princess Diana, people started to agree and call her that. This is due to how influential she is. The moment that she said in a lyric how she got thick because she ate oats, many TikToker’s posted videos of them eating oats while the lyric is playing. This is only one of many examples of her iconic moments, like how she created dance moves that were a big hit having many people doing it.

Her music is good, especially the songs that got viral on TikTok, such as In Ha Mood, Munch, and Princess Diana. They mostly got famous on TikTok for a good reason. They have a good beat and the lyrics are very self-empowering with lines like “If I was… I’d hate me a lot” or “Wanna be me, so she do my emotes”, showing how she knows people are going to hate her or want to be her, and she’s going to embrace it and call them out.

Lyrics like these bring out the confidence and energy of the listeners. She’s a lovely and good artist, who’s only going to get bigger and bigger and it all depends on if you want to listen to her and see her grow and choose to support her for being her queen self.

Gaining confidence in knowing all these people are so keen on her and turning it into something positive for her is something that people should strive to be; love yourself and don’t listen to the haters!