top 5 gifts that you can get for your family members

Kendra Furtado, Staff Writer

During the holidays, gift-receiving is probably the most exciting thing as a kid, but now that we are older we have to start gift-giving. Let’s be real, it’s hard getting people gifts, especially for your parents and family members. Finding the perfect gift is a great way to show your family that you appreciate what they have done for you. That can be anywhere from how they taught you how to walk, all the way to them comforting you on a bad day. 


Again, finding the right gifts is challenging for each person due to people liking different things. Your mom could want running shoes or a bracelet she saw at the store, while your dad could want a new kitchen utensil set or a new video game that just released. Despite the differences in wants, here are a few ideas on what you can get your loved ones


A digital picture frame


On amazon for $80

This could be for someone that wants photos but doesn’t want to print them out and would rather have them digital. You can get any type of photo on the picture frame and you can continue to add more whenever you want 

Personalized Cutting Board


On uncommon goods for $169

This could be for someone that loves cooking or appreciates cute and simple things. Any name or writing can be put on the board, and not to mention, it could make a charming kitchen accessory and cooking utensil. 

Super-Plush Robe


On Brooklinen for $99 

This could be someone who loves to be fashionable but also comfy. This nice white fuzzy robe could be the best thing to lounge in over the weekend. 

Scotch Plaid Flannel Pajamas

On L.L bean for $79

This could be for someone that always wants to be comfy but matching. Honestly, who doesn’t like nice, comfy pj’s?

Wireless charging station

  • On amazon for $29
  • This could be for anyone in your family that has a lot of electronics, or someone that can’t keep things charged. I think that that is most of us in the world.