Holiday Shopping Guide

KK Furtado, Staff Writer

Imagine you walk into Target on a Friday night and it is packed, so loud you can’t even hear yourself think, and you see people waiting in lines as long as Disneyland park ride lines.

Then you remember… It’s Black Friday.

There has been an argument about whether Black Friday is better than Cyber Monday. Freshman Makayla Lopez believes that Black Friday is better than Cyber Monday because during the Black Friday sales you are bound to see around “50-60%” off on items. 

“Cheaper stuff [is] put on sale and we have no money so it makes it a lot easier,” Lopez said.

She and her family believe that a Black Friday shopping day is mandatory now.

“Many people probably want more Black Friday days because of the sales and items being in stock,” Lopez said. “Because I don’t think it’s fair that you only get one chance to buy things that you need at a lower price one time out of the whole year.” 

Despite the amazing sales and offers on Black Friday, let’s take a look at the downfalls. 

A lot of people suffer from anxiety in big crowds or just anxiety in general. Going Black Friday shopping can make that anxiety so much worse since it’s packed and super busy. Lopez said that she has anxiety and going Black Friday shopping causes it to be worse.

We always have to notice that Black Friday shopping can be harmful to the companies and Lopez has agreed about it being harmful. 

“I think in some ways, yeah because they can run out of things,” Lopez said.

Junior Jayln Linstaedt believes that Cyber Monday is better, but her and her family do not think that it’s needed. They just like Black Friday because of the sales. 

“I liked that things are a lot cheaper and you can buy more things without having to feel broke,” Linstaedt said. 

When asked why she believes Cyber Monday is better than Black Friday she gave a few very good points on why Cyber Monday could be better . 

“I think Black Friday is good but also kind of bad, because it can cause problems with the crowds. I mean we’ve seen those types of videos, of people fighting over objects.” Lindstaedt said.

Senior Emily Pratt said that her family does not go Cyber Monday shopping.

“They’ve gone but they don’t really like it. They get tired easily so they tend to just stay home,” Pratt said.