Krueger or Kringle


Harrison Nguyen, Staff Writer

There are many fun films made that are centered around holidays. But there are no other holidays that can catch the attention of people more than Christmas and Halloween. 

A lot of films have been dedicated to these holidays, and it’s time to decide which one people really prefer: Christmas movies and their warm and cozy sensation, or a thrilling and heart-pounding experience with Halloween movies?

“Halloween movies for sure,” sophomore Emily Delgadillo said. “I just really like the fall or fear of everything, like the feeling of Halloween.” 

Many people love Halloween because it has its exciting and stirring aspects that keep people on their toes, not expecting what’s going to happen, making it just the more fun. 

“I really enjoy watching Christmas movies,” junior Enzo Pulido said. “It’s warming, and I just really like Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday.” 

Though Christmas movies may not be as stimulating and unsettling, Christmas movies have their own unique features as well.

“[Christmas] connects with the joys,” Pulidio said. “[People] learn their lessons on not spending time with their family and that not everything is about presents.”

Compared to Halloween, Christmas is more nostalgic and more hopeful with people all over the world watching these movies with their friends and families. Family and friends help us learn and express our feelings. They are there for you at your worst and make your best even better. 

When Delgadillo thinks of holiday family movies, one of the first things that pops into her mind is Home alone.

“That they [Home alone family] left home literally a child to run around by some people that are trying to rob him,” Delgadillo adds. “He goes through all of this without his parents noticing until the very end… It’s Crazy.” 

Sometimes movies associated with holidays such as Halloween and Christmas are worthy enough to be rewatched every year.

“I would [rewatch it], especially during the holidays,” Delgadillo says. “It’s a feel, a vibe, you know?”

Many people have different opinions on whether or not Halloween or Christmas movies are better.  But what really sets them apart, depends on the person watching them. The kind embrace of Christmas is there to help anyone who feels alone, while also making families fill up with joy and Halloween in contrast is there to jolt and invigorate.

“I really like my heart to be racing when I’m watching something. I like to be surprised and to be shocked,” Delgadillo said. “I also love to watch romantic [Christmas] movies [and] I think they are top tier.”