Grizzly Game Night

Kenny Vu, Staff Writer

When spirits are high, and memories are made, everyone remembers the experiences of Homecoming. Participants of this event shared their thoughts, which ranged from having fun dancing to alarming issues with the water supply.

“I think Homecoming was very successful,” Justin Pors said. “We had all classes participate in all aspects of the preparation for Homecoming. In terms of the dance, the dance was successful. People liked the music, we had no behavioral issues, and it seemed like everybody had a good time.”

Justin Pors is the activities director for Gunderson High School. He also teaches the leadership class as well as a P.E. class. Pors and his ASB crew put in lots of effort to ensure Homecoming would be successful. 

However, Homecoming wasn’t completely perfect. Pors explained some of the struggles he faced while setting up Homecoming with his ASB crew.

“[Out of a scale of 1-10], I would say [Homecoming] was a nine,” Pors said.“There’s always things that are a little bit stressful when setting up. I always feel like we just don’t have enough time sometimes.”

Pors talked about what he did to organize preparations for the Homecoming celebration.

“I’m really working on making sure we prepare earlier and get everything done,” Pors said. ”Even though we did get everything done, I just don’t like it to be as stressful as it is, because sometimes we can see that. The stress levels go up in our leadership class as we’re preparing for it, so that’s one thing I may work on.”

Although Pors believes Homecoming went well, many students who attended the dance were upset by an issue with the water supply. 

“[They should] probably get more water bottles,” Vanessa Valdovinos Flores said. Flores is the Freshman Homecoming Princess in the Homecoming Court. “Because towards the half of the Homecoming [dance], they all ran out, and everybody was thirsty.”

When Flores attended the Homecoming dance, she experienced the problem firsthand.

“A good solid seven out of ten,” Flores said. “[Because] again the water bottles, everybody was thirsty, but it was good. [Also] just the fun atmosphere that the school created. And the way everybody was just having fun, and nobody was judging anybody.”

Miguel Guerrero, the Senior Homecoming Prince, as well as a member of the ASB crew, also shared his thoughts on the dance’s situation.

“They ran out of water, more water next time,” Guerrero said. “Oh my god, that was bad.” 

Despite his criticism of the water, Guerrero still believes that the Homecoming dance was successful. He gave his own rating for the leadership crew’s hard work.

“With all honesty, I would give them a strong eight [out of ten],” Guerrero said. “I just think seeing all the decorations and all the hard work put together in the hallway is just good to see. It looks nice.”

On the other hand, Pors didn’t believe that anything went horribly wrong during the Homecoming Dance.

“Once I was told, I brought some more water to be sold,” Pors said. “I just wasn’t told in time. We had enough water to get through. I kept bringing them all over there to sell.”

Although there were worries over the water supply during the dance, Homecoming was rated highly due to many other positive factors.

“Just as someone who’s been really involved in the Homecoming aspect of decorating and everything, and just in leadership, it’s been really good just to see how everything turned out,” Guerrero said. 

Homecoming is like a stepping stone in high school that no one should miss. These are the memories you take with you forever and they should be cherished.

“If you can, please go, it’s a fun experience,” Flores said. “If you don’t go, you never know what else you missed out on. For me, it was fun and I had a great time with my friends. So, go if you can, and if you can’t maybe next year.”