Vanessa Valdovinos Flores, Staff Writer


75% of colleges aren’t requiring the SATs anymore and students are pondering if they should even take it. Here is what you need to know. 


The PSATs were given to the sophomores on Wednesday, October 12, and they were mandatory. This test allowed students to practice for the SATs, a now optional test that is taken during junior year. 


The PSAT is a practice test that allows students to practice for the SAT, which they might take next year. The PSAT gives you a score and that score tells you if you need to improve on anything so that you are able to get the best possible score on the SAT. 


The SAT on the other hand is a test that many colleges and universities use in order to select students to attend their school, depending on the student’s score on the SAT . Now that many colleges and universities aren’t requiring the SAT, why bother taking it? 


Taking this test will give you more college options, so that way you don’t have to limit yourself to certain schools. 


Mx. Shenir Dennis has a similar outlook. As a counselor for the Destination College Advising Corp (DCAC) on our campus, Mx. Dennis’s main job is to help us with our college admissions.


“What I would usually advise my students to do is take both tests because the PSAT gives you an opportunity for you to see what you would score on when you take your SAT and the SAT, depending on what university you apply to, would be helpful,” Mx. Dennis said.


When you take the PSAT, it gives you a score, and that score reflects the score that you would’ve gotten if you would’ve taken the real SAT test. The score gives you feedback and tells you if you need to take extra classes in order to improve your test score.


The SAT is still a long way from now, but it is never too late to prepare.  


Pay attention in your English and math classes because a lot of the information will come back [in] the SAT test, ” Senior Kyle Martins said. “Always try your best in all of your classes.” 


If you don’t do well the first time you do the SAT, don’t worry because you can retake it to improve your score. If you are struggling with a specific subject, Gunderson offers free tutors, so take advantage of these opportunities considering you’re not always going to have them.


Dr. Dalal mentioned that it is nice to get a practice book and to challenge yourself to practice with it so that you prepare yourself for the test. It is always good to be over-prepared and know what you are going to do for the test. You know what the future holds, so take the SAT.


Now that the SATs are optional, keep in mind all of the positives of taking it. You are able to apply to colleges and universities that require it, and those that don’t so you don’t have to limit yourself to just a few. 


You are able to improve your test score by taking extra classes or tutoring. The most important thing to remember is that it is all up to you if you want to take it. 


“Please don’t take it seriously,” Mx. Dennis said. “It says nothing about your usability as a person.”