Catching the New Season

Jaden Reyna, Editor

Sports can be a memorable part of high school. They’re a way for students to socialize with their peers after school hours, and create tons of fun memories.

Fall sports are underway, which include football, water polo, girls tennis, girls volleyball, and cross country. We also have cheer.

Our cheer team is normally at football games, and during the winter season, they cheer at basketball games. Our dance team normally performs during school rallies.

Kiara Anima, a junior on the football team, is very excited about their upcoming season. This is her first year playing football for Gunderson.

Anima played her first Gunderson football game the night of August 26th.

“[Students] should come out to the games because it’s a good opportunity to socialize with friends and support the school at the same time,” Anima said. “Doing so betters the school community and helps bring them closer together.”

Anima also enjoys other sports and likes to show up and support when she can. One sport she always makes sure to watch is girl’s volleyball. In previous years, Anima would play volleyball and never lost support for her team.

Junior Hailey Castelar, a varsity player on the volleyball team, is ready for her season. This year the girl’s volleyball team has moved down a league, but it has not dampened their spirits.

“I am very excited for our upcoming season, although we moved down a league, we are now in a league where we can improve through playing with teams of the same skill level,” Castelar said. “It will give us a better opportunity to be successful this season,”

Castelar’s teammate, Josie Matuk (12), has noticed some issues with the team’s transportation.

“We were trying to get buses to away games but that isn’t a realistic option at the moment with our limited budget,” Matuk said.

However, their team has kept a positive attitude about the upcoming season and strongly encourages others to come out and watch them play.

“Volleyball games are really fun to watch because they are fast-paced and exciting,” Matuk said. “I recommend coming and watching because it’s fun to be involved with the school and support your friends.”

The girl’s volleyball team will be having back-to-back home games on Thursday, September 15th, as well as Tuesday, September 20th.

Another fall sport that is soon starting its season is girls’ tennis. Senior Jeanice Trat is captain of the team.

Trat is a huge supporter of her team. She is always cheering on her teammates, bringing snacks, and encouraging others to watch her sport, as well as football and volleyball.

“I’ve created monumental bonds and the team has truly become a second home,” Trat said. “I’m thrilled because I get to welcome new recruits and work together to become better athletes and overall people.”

Another sport that has huge support from their teammates is water polo. This year we have a girls and boys team, who practice together. This allows both teams to help each other learn and grow, as well as have a scrimmage against one another.

Junior Edward Davis, who’s on the waterpolo team, has been training hard for his upcoming season. He thinks that the team is looking promising, especially since they moved up a league.

This is Davis’s second year on the team. He has been helping with recruitment and encouraging younger players to join the team.

“The best part about the sport is getting an amazing workout and amazing friends that you can talk to,” Davis said.