Noise Cancelling Headphones

Jaden Reyna, Editor

School can be a very overwhelming place. There are a lot of activities going on, as well as a lot of loud sounds and it can become very distracting when students are trying to do their work. This is where noise-canceling headphones can help.

Noise-canceling headphones can be very helpful to students. They are used to create an environment a student feels comfortable working.

One thing that these headphones can help with is anxiety. Whether it’s general anxiety or social anxiety, having a moment to yourself without any outside distractions is a way to help calm yourself and feel more comfortable.

Sophomore Noemi Simancas is always using her headphones at school. 

“I realized that most of the students I know agree with the fact that listening to music and using their headphones throughout the day help stay calm,” Simancas said. “Especially with those that suffer from anxiety.”

Simancas feels a lot of her classes are stressful. Having her headphones in helps her stay concentrated on her work, and stay relaxed throughout her day.

Another thing headphones can do is help students stay motivated. Having some music to block out the distractions of a classroom or home can really help you stay focused, as well as upbeat or fast-paced music to get you motivated to work.

Sophomore Henika Flores also has AirPods that she uses at school and at home.

“With music playing, I feel a lot of ease and relief for lots of things going on such as school, personal issues, etc,” Flores said. “It releases my stress and I gain some happiness, and if I get lucky enough, motivation too.”

Flores has found that she enjoys using her AirPods at home and at school, but it’s also frustrating when her teachers don’t allow the use of phones or headphones in class.

Headphones can also be useful for exercising. It can be using music as a motivator, background noise, or just having headphones in so that other people won’t bother you while you’re exercising.

Sophomore Khin Thwe often uses her headphones while she works out at the gym. She has found that using headphones allows her to focus on the task at hand, as well as tune out parents and bystanders commenting on her workouts. 

When at home, Thwe uses headphones to blast her music without bothering the rest of the house. She also uses a feature on her phone that reads her texts to her through her headphones, which is useful for work.