Music makes you more productive

Alexa Ramos, Editor

Some people work in complete silence and others like the melodious sound of music in the background. But it all depends on the person. I feel that music in the background makes a person more productive. Any type of music, no matter the genre, can help someone tune out any other distractions near them and essentially provide more focus on the thing they’re working on.

Most of the time music is used to drown out any other type of interference, especially to help focus on one thing. As a student, school work tends to start piling up. You try to catch up to it but there’s always more fuel to fire being added, and listening to music while getting your work done is probably the best way to relieve stress. Even when you’re still doing your work, the sound of music can help reduce stress and take some weight off your shoulders. Now you just start flying through your schoolwork before you know it. 

School produces a lot of stress for students so the best remedy to fix that is music. Some teachers have students work in silence but maybe the best thing to do is to allow students to listen to some music, and I think many students can agree. I think if music makes you happy it can increase your productivity. The more motivation it can provide you, then the more effort you can put into your schoolwork.

Disregarding school life, music can even help in your personal life. Once you find the perfect soundtrack to your life you just feel like you start conquering everything on your own. It helps you find a balance between everything going on inside your head versus everything going on outside of your head. 

Music can assist you with challenges in your day-to-day life that may come your way.  It’s a great escape for those when it’s needed because it’s so easy to access. Your performance can start to increase and you’ll see a better difference in your life. 

Some people can argue the fact that music is not the most ideal way to start being productive. There are probably hundreds of ways that one can start being more productive in their life and music may not be the most exemplary way but if you take into account that this generation is more secluded compared to others, music is and always will be the greatest escape for anyone. 

Everyone is still trying to figure out their routine and how to make their cycle flow better in their own ways every day. It will differ from everyone else’s. So in the meantime, listening to music to be more productive is a personal choice, some may want pure silence to work better and others may enjoy the canorous sounds of music. That’s why headphones exist.