The Bathroom Club

Zoe Harms, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Since coming back to school, I’ve noticed that most of the bathrooms have been closed. This has been an issue for many students including myself, and especially for girls. 

The gym bathroom was recently remodeled, and yet they still leave it locked. 

Gym sports like volleyball and basketball have to use the locker room bathrooms instead and the outside bathrooms by the football field are open. However, the lights are never turned on. 

Most of the bathrooms that are locked are the boy’s bathrooms, mostly because of the recent TikTok trend, the “devious licks.” 

However, that does not negate the fact that students’ health is being put at risk because they are forced to hold it until eventually, a bathroom opens. 

This is especially a concern for girls who are on their menstrual cycle and have a valid reason to use the bathroom. 

Toxic shock syndrome and liver failure are major concerns because students should feel safe at school, but when my health is put at risk, that’s when I question the system. 

A student has even complained about no bathrooms being open at the same time. When said student went back to class, the teacher questioned them, claiming the student was just walking around.

Locked bathrooms are a huge inconvenience for students because most students want to spend their school time in class, and not walk around looking for a bathroom. This is also a concern of health and hygiene. 

What are we supposed to do when there isn’t a bathroom to use? This is a serious issue concerning health and cleanliness and it needs to be addressed.