Review of King Richard

Anuj Sharma, Staff Writer

King Richard is a biographical drama film released in 2021 that portrays the life of Richard Williams, Venus, and Serena Williams father and coach. This film tells the story of Richard Willaims efforts to help his daughters make it into professional women’s tennis.

Richard raised his daughters in Compton, California where playing tennis wasn’t normal. In Compton, most of the people only thought of tennis as a rich white sport. 

The movie portrayed this part really well because it showed Richard getting bullied for teaching his kids how to play tennis. 

In the movie, it shows how hard Richard trained his daughters and the amount of hate he got from his own community. The film showed how difficult it was for Richard to get a trainer for his daughters just because they were from Compton.

Before turning pro in 1994 at the age of 14, Venus competed in the ITF Junior Circuit where she won 63 games straight. Venus started getting recognition and she was ready to go to the pros, but Richard felt hesitant about her turning pro.

I feel like this movie described this part really well because if they didn’t show this part, the movie would be average.

Richard quickly changes his mind and enrolls both of his children in Rick Macci’s program. 

Once the two girls become professional players, the family moved to Florida where Rick Macci’s program is. 

Once they started playing in his program, Richard decided to pull them out of junior tournaments. In 1994, Richard let Venus play her first pro match where Venus battled against Arantxa Sánchez Vicario of Spain. 

She loses the match but earns lots of respect while becoming one of the youngest girls to turn pro in tennis. Nine months later she signed a contract with Reebok worth 12 million dollars.

This movie portrayed the life of Richard Williams really well, but it didn’t really show his background and how he was raised. If the movie showed his background we would learn more about Richard as a person.

The movie focused on Venus more than Serena and I believe it would be better if it focused on both of them.

Out of 5, I would give this movie a 4 because the movie was good overall, but if they showed Serena and Venus’s career after junior tournaments, the movie would be a little better.