Doordashing Rights


April Sayaan, Staff Writer

Students Doordashing food onto campus has been a controversial thing.

Doordashing food onto campus can be convenient for students who have money and crave certain foods, but door dashing food onto campus can be dangerous in the eyes of an adult. They wouldn’t know what you’re ordering and if it’d be safe.

Having the ability to order food on campus can be convenient for students who don’t eat school lunch. 

There are many students who don’t eat throughout the day because they don’t like the school lunch and Doordashing would help.

Doordashing would help because students have the ability to order the food they want.  However, Doordashing isn’t always a safe thing to do.

Doordashing at school can lead to many problems revolving around leaving the campus to get your food, if you Doordashed secretly, the admin would find out and you’d get in trouble.

Some parents bring students’ lunch to the front office so it can be kind of understandable if a Doordasher brought a student’s lunch and pretended to be their parent. If a parent found out their student was getting food delivered on campus, they’d have mixed emotions about it.

Students not being able to Doordash at school hasn’t been a problem with anyone from what I’ve heard. But some students do get caught and get their food taken from them.

The policy on not Doordashing is a bit strict but if you buy the food and get it Doordashed, you shouldn’t get it taken away from you since you did pay for it.

Most dashers just hand you the food and leave or just leave it at the designated area but parents and admins would still see this as a dangerous situation if a student was being watched and they were getting food from a stranger.

You can see how Doordashing is a problem with parents and admins if students Doordashed secretly. Teachers are allowed to Doordash their own food, so this can be seen as unfair by students. 

Doordashing at school is kind of a controversial thing but most students don’t care because they either bring their own lunch or eat the school’s free lunch.

Having Doordashing rights would just be a nice thing when you’re craving food from a certain place.