Should Athletes Have to Wear Masks While Playing Sports?

Anuj Sharma, Staff Writer

A big part of being an athlete is running or being active for a long time, and wearing a mask can make it very difficult for athletes to do such things. Right now, during COVID, it is essential to put on a mask, but athletes shouldn’t be forced to put on a mask during sports activities.

Athletes are constantly moving, and they need to breathe correctly to stay in shape. If a mask is giving you a hard time breathing, then why wear them?

Athletes are being forced to wear masks for indoor sports activities, which can negatively affect their performance in a big way.

Wearing a mask during an indoor sports activity can be a real struggle. For example, in a sport like basketball, athletes are constantly moving, and wearing a mask reduces the ability to breathe comfortably.

During sports activities, you sweat a lot, and all that sweat goes to the mask when you wear them. This makes your face uncomfortable because the sweaty mask keeps annoying your face, which can be a factor in bad performance.

Athletes want to be comfortable during sports activities, so why make them wear a mask to feel uncomfortable all the time. Unfortunately, all the sweat you get in your mask can also cause acne on your face.

When you are breathing hard and keeping all that humidity inside your mask, that will, of course, make your skin break out. So wearing a mask protects you from COVID, but athletes should be given more leeway because they work out more than others, and working out impacts the nature of the mask.

Instead of annoying the athletes about putting on a mask, there shouldn’t be a mask requirement because you will get the same result with or without wearing the mask since the mask gets consumed by sweat.

Most of the athletes are vaccinated now, which gives them a reason not to wear a mask during sports, but if you’re not vaccinated, you should wear a mask. In sports, like basketball and volleyball, you have to keep moving, and if you ask an athlete who plays these sports their thoughts on wearing a mask during sports activities, they would answer that they get tired in a short period of time.

Some athletes have asthma and get tired quickly even when they aren’t wearing a mask, and wearing a mask would make it worse. They would get tired in seconds, and they wouldn’t be able to participate in the sport.

It is essential to wear a mask in our daily lives, but you shouldn’t be required to wear a mask during sports activities because wearing a mask makes it harder to breathe, makes your face feel uncomfortable, and can cause acne on your face.