Why Senior Night Is Important To Seniors

Alexa Ramos, Editor

As the fall season sports comes to an end, the football and cheer teams are the last teams to get their senior night this season. Senior night is to celebrate the senior players on their final game on their home field. They are honored with a ceremony, flowers, decorated posters, and so much more. For the crowd, it looks like a great time, but what does this mean for seniors?

The seniors on the football and cheer team get lined up and walk down the field with their families and loved ones. They are surrounded by the underclassmen, who are also on the team, while their name is announced on the speaker. 

Since her sophomore year, cheer captain Maddie Garcia has been on the team and is now finally a senior celebrating her last ever Friday Night Lights on her home field this upcoming Thursday. She will walk down the field with her mom, dad, and sister by her side. She is excited about the memorable night.

“My family is going to be there to walk me down…I don’t get to hear them congratulate me as often. . . and I think it’ll be something that I’ll hold onto for the rest of the night,” Garcia said. 

This night is going to be remembered forever. After three years of practicing and perfecting cheers to pump up the crowd and motivate the school’s varsity football team, she will finally have her final hurrah when all seniors perform their captivating dance on the field during halftime. 

These four years in high school go by so fast, so it’s always nice to commemorate something special with an event so important. 

“Senior night is important to me because I believe that all seniors on their last game should be recognized for their accomplishments,” Garcia said. “[T]here are girls on the team that have been on the team for four years…and after so long of being dedicated to a team, it’s important to recognize that.”

That is the importance of senior night from the senior cheer captain. However, another sport is alongside the cheer team, the football team, playing their last game on their home turf.

The football team has worked so hard this past season to make it count. They have had an excellent winning streak and hope to keep it up until the end of the season. Alongside the cheer team, the boys’ varsity football team gets a senior night. This is also their night to celebrate and recognize all the seniors’ hard work done on the field. 

Varsity football player Salvador Anaya has been on the varsity team for two years. He is excited to get all his work recognized by his friends and family around him on the field on his last home game.

Even though it is ending, it is still an essential factor in Anaya’s high school career, and he wants it to be remembered. “It shows appreciation for all the hard work that I’ve been doing in the four years leading up to this one night,” Anaya said. This night is important to everyone, but for Anaya, it’s a different story. “I feel like I’ve had a long ride, and I feel like it’s my time to say goodbye.”

Understandably, some are ready for the season to end, finally getting to enjoy the final months of high school with friends. It is understandable that with putting your body through four years of a sport, you would want to take a break from it all just for a little bit. 

The season is finally coming to an end for the senior football players and cheerleaders. It’s great that this night is memorable for them, and everyone can recognize their dedication to the sport.