Thanksgiving and Christmas Activities


April Sayaan, Staff Writer

The weather is getting colder, and the holidays are approaching. Here are some activities for the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.

The leaves are falling, the rain falling, and sweater weather is here. The holiday season is coming around the corner. Of course, the best thing to do during the holiday season is to spend time with family.

Some activities you can do during the holiday season are baking and cooking, playing board games, watching movies, and making ornaments with your family and friends.

When I think of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I immediately think of pie and cookies. Personally, for the holidays, my family has pumpkin pie, apple pie, and pecan pie during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Baking with family and friends during the holiday season can be fun. Even if you don’t know how to bake from scratch, it’s still fun baking from the box mix. 

Playing board games with family and friends can always get competitive, but they bring you closer. 

The best board games to play are Uno, Monopoly, and Risk. Playing Uno and Monopoly can be intense and competitive, but it’s fun to see who in the group will take the game seriously and who will have fun.

Risk is a game where you get missions, and I believe there are up to 6-8 characters, and you get assignments to attack a specific person, but it’s all kept a secret.

Along with board games, there are games you can do with stuff you have at home. For example, my family plays this game where you saranwrap different things on each layer, and it starts with someone wearing oven mitts, and they have to try and unwrap the ball of stuff.

Everyone sits in a circle, and you have 10 seconds to try to unwrap it. After that, you can either get something or not. When your 10 seconds are up, it goes to the next person, which goes on until everything is unwrapped.

Watching movies with family or friends during the holiday season can always be pleasant and relaxing. You’re just watching a movie with some popcorn and snacks.

Some movies to watch during the Thanksgiving and the Christmas season are The Nightmare Before Christmas, Elf, Home Alone, and The Grinch. 

Making ornaments with your family during the Christmas season is always nice because you’re spending time together, and you’re all coming up with different designs for your decorations.

Painting clear ornaments or making paper snowflakes are always nice for the tree. Also, cutting simple construction paper or printer paper in random shapes will create pretty snowflakes.

Hanging with friends and family is always important, so connect with them as much as you can with these fun activities to do during the holiday season.