Is The SAT Important This Year?

Anuj Sharma, Staff Writer

The SAT is a test that is taken for college admissions. There are many reasons why the SAT is important, but it does also have some flaws. For example, colleges would have checked your SAT score over the past years, but now colleges focus more on grades and extracurricular activities.

The highest you can get on the SAT is 1600, and the lowest you can get is 400. You get 180 minutes to finish the SAT, and for the optional essay, you are given 50 minutes.

It is essential to take the SAT for college applications even though colleges now focus on how you challenge yourself in high school, how good your grades are, and your extracurricular activities.

If you take the SAT and get a good score, you can get advantages over other students when you apply to college because it adds to your academic achievements.

Suppose another student has the same extracurricular activities as you and the same grades as you, but the student gets a bad score on the SAT. In that case, you will have an advantage over the student, which can be why you get into that college over that other kid.

The SAT is a standardized test to examine your knowledge, and if you get a good score even though it’s optional, the college will know how smart you are, but mainly you could give the college a good first impression.

The only flaw about the SAT is that it is stressful taking it and studying for it. From what I saw from the students who took the PSAT, they were irritated at how hard some questions were.

Don’t worry, though, because studying for it and taking the test isn’t hard for everybody. For some students, it is easy, while for other students, it takes them a whole year to study for the SAT, and honestly, if you know most of the topics in the SAT, it could take as little as two months to review the information.

The SAT is important to take this year, but there are more ways to access a student’s knowledge, and in the next few years, the SAT is not going to be necessary.