Questionable Dress Code


April Sayaan, Staff Writer

The dress code should not be as strict as it is right now at our school.

The dress code isn’t terrible but it can be improved. The new dress code states that you are not able to show your shoulders, chest, or stomach. But, it allows students to wear hats and beanies.

Before students would have to be told to take off their hat or beanie but now you can wear it in class and around the school without being told anything, which is a big change.

Being told to dress a certain way because of a dress code is understandable but I believe the new dressing regulations restrict students from dressing how they want.

Most people I know express themselves through their clothing, and I know a lot of people who had a bad reaction to the new dress code. The announcement at the beginning of the school year announcing came as a shock for a lot of people in my GLC.
I think it was a shock to the class because for as long as I’ve been at Gunderson, the dress code was never really strict in that way. The only form of dress code I heard of was, you can’t wear more than 1 blue or red clothing item.

It has been brought up as a debate in my English class multiple times. Some girls and boys would question why you are not allowed to wear shirts that show your shoulders, chest, or stomach.

I believe that the new dress code is directed towards a certain group of people, and that group is the girls. Even though it wasn’t explicitly directed at girls, it’s an obvious assumption.

I believe students should be able to dress how they want to, to a certain extent. Obviously coming to school not dressed appropriately would be unacceptable, but having a not-so-strict dress code would be nice for everyone. But, I also believe that a dress code is very important to have, so students don’t dress too revealing, because then again, it is school so that should just be an obvious rule to dress accordingly.