How seniors chose their colleges

April Sayaan, Staff Writer

It’s almost time for seniors to say goodbye to Gunderson. Graduation is coming closer, but college decisions come first. 

Seniors have to choose between staying local or traveling elsewhere for college. Shayne Harms didn’t want to stay local for college. She explained how she wanted to branch out instead.

“I want to leave San Jose for college because I want to branch out— I’m tired of all the same people all the time.” Harms said.

Harms’ college decision didn’t affect her major. She explained how her college decision was more towards the college’s academic reputation.

“The specific thing I was looking for when I was looking at different colleges was academic reputations amongst grad schools,” Harms said.

Harms made her decision to commit to Arizona State University. She came to this decision through what the school had to offer.

“The school I chose offers tons of extras like smaller class sizes, extra scholarship opportunities, specialized 1 on 1 advising,” Harms said.

She is majoring in psychology at Arizona State University. She is excited to make new friends and to become more independent. 

Shayne is ready to say goodbye to high school and hello to a new state and college. 

On the other hand, senior Jada Nguyen chose to stay local for college. She doesn’t want to leave San Jose just yet. She wants to stay local for now, then save up to leave.

I wanna stay local and save money to move out of San Jose,” Nguyen said.

Nguyen was specifically looking forward to basketball in college; she wanted to see what the coaches had to offer her.

“I was looking at the basketball coaches and met with them. I was really looking at their coach skills and what they can do for me.” Nguyen said.

Nguyen’s decision for college didn’t affect her major, but she came to the decision of committing to Mission College because she’s always had it in mind. 

“I’ve always had the choice of Mission College in mind. I wanted to save money and transfer after two years. I wanted to commit to going to Sac, but  I didn’t have any support on going there.” Jada said.

Jada is saying goodbye to high school and hello to college, but she’s not leaving town just yet.