4 Chick-Flicks and the Important Message Behind Them

Chick flicks are much more than cheesy, cliché, “girly” movies. There are actually important messages behind each and every one of them, hiding behind that excessive use of the color pink.



Legally Blonde is the epitome of  “don’t judge a book by its cover.”

In the movie, we follow Elle Woods. She’s a Gemini vegetarian in her first year attending Harvard Law School and sticks out compared to her colleagues. 

After Elle’s long-term boyfriend breaks up with her saying “If I’m gonna be a Senator I need a Jackie, not a Marilyn,” Elle goes into a little bit of a funk, making her think she isn’t good enough. 

She wants her ex-boyfriend back now. She thinks the only way to achieve that is if she attends law school, showing her ex-boyfriend that she is much more than a pretty face. 

Elle Woods works her way into one of the most prestigious law schools in the country (like it’s hard). She works day and night to show not only her ex-boyfriend that she is trying to win him back but also all her peers and professors that they can take her seriously as a law student and not just some ditzy sorority girl.

The message in this movie is so clear. Don’t judge a book by its cover. In the end, they’ll surprise you with what they have been hiding all along. 

For some reason, people feel the need to judge those on appearance. You have to ‘look smart’ for people to take you seriously but Elle Woods defies all of that. 

She was able to attend Harvard Law and still rock cute outfits every day. She never changed that bit of her even when misogynistic and sexist people would come at her all day. 

It’s tiring to see that women are never taken seriously for what they want to pursue in life. They are always told that they should do something ‘more their speed’ and leave the ‘big jobs’ to the men, which is a terrible norm that was brought into society. 

This movie can help girls recognize their worth and know that they can do whatever they want to do, even with all the obstacles in the way. Every girl out there is smart enough to do anything they want to do, nobody or anything should be putting a halt to that.


The name of the movie tells you everything you need to know. Just kidding…

John Tucker is the heartthrob of Forest Hills High School and is dating not one, not two, but three girls at the same time.

He has everything strategically planned. He dates girls who have nothing in common with each other so there is never actually a chance of them talking to one another. 

John’s secret is out that he’s three-timing these girls, and he breaks it off with all of them. 

Enter Kate Spencer, the new girl in town. The three girls now use Kate as their way in with John, and try to mutilate him just the way he did them. But even this doesn’t go according to plan after Kate betrays the girls and actually starts falling in love with John herself. 

The girls are trying to warn her of all the bad things that come out of her new relationship, but she doesn’t listen and ends up losing her three new friends. 

This movie can teach a lot of girls that relationships aren’t as important as friendships. 

Kate has a tough time connecting with new people because she moves towns a lot, and once she got that friendship it all slipped away because of a boy. 

This movie does focus on the importance of friendship, and I think friendships should be valued super critically because it will help someone in the long run rather than someone that can be let go at the drop of a hat. 

13 GOING ON 30

“I wanna be 30. Thirty and flirty and thriving…” 

After a horrible experience from Jenna Rink at her 13th birthday party, all she wants is to grow up and escape it all. 

She does. Flash forward seventeen years later, Jenna is now 30 living in her own apartment far away from home but she doesn’t know how she got there. 

Jenna is maneuvering her way around New York and there are so many things she is missing out on. “Why is there a random man in my apartment and why is he calling me sweet bottom?!” 

But most importantly, seventeen years later and she is wondering where her BFF Matty is. 

Jenna is trying her hardest to get used to her new life. Everyone around her is just so grown up but deep down she knows she stills that 13-year-old girl.

Jenna’s goal in life was to just be like all the grown women in the magazines: wearing nice clothes, having a boyfriend, living on your own, and having your own job. Once that was all given to her, she felt like she’d made the wrong decision. 

She felt like she had missed out on everything. 

The main takeaway from this movie is to not rush into adulthood.

Let time do its own thing and eventually, you will get to where you want to be, but just be patient about it. 

Just like in the movie, Jenna jumps forward so far along in life she feels like the most important thing, her relationship with her BFF Matty, is all ruined now. 

Try to enjoy everything you have now because one day everything will change. 


“I’m sorry that people are so jealous of me. But I can’t help it that I’m popular.”

Mean Girls is probably the most iconic movie of all time. It’s just the perfect 2000’s chick flick. 

Cady Heron has been homeschooled all her life, until her sophomore year of high school when she was met with so many new people and a new social life.

One day she gets into a run-in with the worst people she’ll ever meet, The Plastics. “They’re like teen royalty.” 

They invite her into their little clique because Cady’s, like, really pretty. Cady tells her friends Janis and Damian about her new friends, and they see that as an opportunity to poke fun at the evil in human form, Regina George. 

Cady isn’t on board with the idea until Cady sees Regina making out with her crush, Aaron Samuels. Which by the way he asked Cady what day it was October 3rd. (It was October 3rd).

Cady is now on board with taking down Regina George. All the little secrets that The Plastics have will come out eventually. 

After all the secrets that The Plastics have been saying about everyone, everything just goes downhill from there. 

This whole movie is basically just one big bullying ad. 

Everyone in this movie is a mean girl. Everyone had this obsession with taking down one another and nobody was really friends. 

Everybody was just so caught up in themselves that no one actually took time into realizing all these terrible things they were saying about one another and how it affected them. 

Bullying can take a big toll on someone’s life, so just be nice to one another. I promise it’s much better than being a mean girl.