The reality of Sexism and Gender Inequality

April Sayaan, Staff Writer

Women all over the world and around us have to deal with sexism and gender inequality every day. There are many posts on social media about sexism and gender inequality revolving around women.

Women take part in the same sports, activities, and jobs as men, yet they’re still compared to men and are judged. NCAA Women’s Basketball got a stack of weights and a Tupperware of food for the March Madness tournament, whereas the NCAA Men’s Basketball got a whole weight room and much more food than the women.

Many people on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and TikTok were angry when they saw the difference between the men’s and women’s equipment. Although the NCAA Women’s Basketball got an upgraded weight room, it took many social media posts for it to happen. 

It’s sad to see it takes social media posts for women’s basketball to be treated equally and get the same recognition as men’s basketball.

They’re all basketball players with the same needs, yet the women get fewer weights and food. But it’s more than weights and food. Sexism and gender inequality happen every day, even around our community.

I’ve heard many conversations from guys that men are better than women and that women can’t do as much as men. Women have the same jobs as men, and some women do more than men, yet we are still judged.

The reality of sexism and gender inequality is that women constantly get less recognition than men. The reality is that women and men are always compared.