An Uprising Financial Adult: Symphony Paschal


Christian Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Being 17 years old and going off to college and into adulthood soon, senior Symphony Paschal is currently finishing high school at Gunderson and has an interesting planned life for herself. She has lots of confidence and lots of high praise from her family and friends supporting her decision-making. 

She is a Gunderson cheerleader and loves dance but is deeply invested in her economic life as she has a plan that will lead her economic life into adulthood. She’s financially smart compared to most high school seniors.

Paschal’s plan after high school is to go to De Anza, which is a community college that will allow her to explore her choices such as going to better colleges, even outside of California.  

According to the “community college review”, “The average annual rate to attend a four-year university could run as high as $30,000 or more, while the annual tuition at a community college probably won’t cost much more than $5,000.” This information proves the choice of going to community college will benefit her in the long run by saving money to be stable. 

Paschal’s options for colleges and areas to live are within Texas, Maryland, Virginia, and Arizona because her family lives in those states, plus the living is cheaper which helps with paying for college and paying for housing too that can be very beneficial especially if you’re wanting to make it alive in living wealthy. 

Paschal being financially stable has a meaningful value that may interest other people in money problems and strategies. This was the first thought for her when thinking about adult key tips that are beneficial.    

“I’m just trying to get myself in the habit of spending or being wise with my money,” Paschal said. Paschal is wanting to be independent and not dependent on her money, not asking her parents for money or help; she just wants to strive within herself.

 Teens tend to spend lots of money such as food, clothes people never wear, or extra meaningless stuff that teens don’t need. According to “The Balance”, high schooler’s 3 main elements should prioritize their spending, plan for their future, and make plans for colleges. Paschal is growing up, maturing to see these tips important as she is preparing for community college and college too. 

Paschal is entering a challenging adult environment as she has her life sorted out in ways that she is determined to get her ways of what she wants in her life that would elevate her into a possible career that she wants to pursue going into college. 

She wants to be a gynecologist meaning she has to study in the medical field. According to “Indeed”, a gynecologist gets paid $206,398 per year on average in the U.S. This helps females in the reproductive system and how pregnancy works, This allows gynecologists to spread information and give guidance to those females that need help. 

As Paschal found an interest in what she pursues as a career, she has concerns that adults have to face that could be problematic if not financially stable. 

“I’ve been thinking about how my life is gonna be after college. like how I’m gonna have a family setup, and be financially stable because my biggest fear is just not being stable in life, that’s like my biggest fear. If I’m not stable in life I feel like everything’s gonna shut down,” Paschal said.