Pets you’ll never forget


Lesly Hernandez, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Ever since quarantine started, many people have been experiencing heavy stress and anxiety-filled lives. The one-year reminder makes it harder for everyone to simply have the means to pull through sometimes. 

Having a pet companion by your side can actually help with stress and anxiety. Pets not only help to improve our health, but they help fulfill the basic human need for touch, which is essential during this pandemic since COVID prevents this from happening. 

According to research reported by Medical News Today, 60 percent of pet owners, in this case, those who had been diagnosed and struggled with mental illness, claimed that their pet was “most important” in helping them manage their illness and everyday life.

Pets have become essential in helping out students and teachers through virtual learning, as it’s been going on for the majority of the school year because of the pandemic.

English teacher Laura Herse shares how her dog, a small brown labradoodle, has helped her get through this pandemic.

He’s my daily companion,” Herse said. “He hangs around with me no matter what I am doing. He loves to sit near me while I teach!”

Our pets are much more than just animals. As people say, they become “man’s best friend,” and have proven to be helpful, or should I even say crucial, during this world struggle.

Sophomore Josephine Matuk also describes how her two great Danes have helped her get through the pandemic by simply being there for her.

“They take away the loneliness of the isolation [and] are also fun to play with and take on walks,” Matuk said.

This just goes to show that our pets have come so far in understanding humans and our emotions. They are constantly present in our lives and have grown to be one of the main sources of our happiness. 

Overall, pets and their unconditional love can help with so much more than one can come to realize. Besides, who wouldn’t want a cute and loving pet by their side, especially when things get hard and one begins craving affection?