The NCAA’s Safety Precautions

Joseph Ryan, Staff Writer

Professional sports have recently been able to resume, and most sports have taken different angles on how they choose to handle covid. One organization that has taken strict precautions for covid is the NCAA. They are hosting March Madness, which is a huge college basketball tournament that needs to be safe during covid times.


The NCAA has done a very good job of preventing covid from spreading. They used tracker tiles to track the players and see if they are following the safety protocols. “The data collected will be used to assist with contact tracing and to determine the need to quarantine participants. It can identify who was within six feet of someone infected with COVID-19 and for how long,” the NCAA said.


Another feature includes a red warning light and noise when someone is within six feet of another person,” Kinexon spokesperson Matt Bontorin said. This feature supposedly is not being used during the tournament. He also claimed, “The company’s goal is not to eliminate the threat of the virus but to prevent outbreaks and stop the spread so sporting events, like March Madness, can be a reality.”  These tiles are a very beneficial way to stop the spread of the virus and allow student-athletes to work out or practice without being worried about the virus.


Many other organizations have included the tracker in their major tournaments. “The software has been used by 300 teams and leagues in the past year, including in the NBA bubble and the NFL,” Bontorin said. “Other organizations and companies outside of sports have also caught on, including Netflix.”


These tiles would be beneficial for our school and other schools to use regularly. If we used these tiles for school sports, we could play them somewhat normally, and possibly even get back to regular school without a problem. It would also be helpful if we took similar precautions as the NCAA because they are doing a good job at containing the virus in their environment.


Our school sports take safety precautions that allow us to keep the season going without problems. Before we walk into the baseball dugout, our coaches ask us questions such as “have you been in contact with anyone with covid?” or “ have you felt any symptoms of covid recently?” When we are on the field and in the dugout, we are required to wear masks and keep our distance from others. 


The NCAA and schools are taking necessary precautions to help slow the spread of the virus. It has allowed for the March Madness tournament and school sports to be a success so far.