negative attraction


Larissa Toscano, Staff Writer

You might not know why you’re attracting such negative people in your life. Well, your own energy and feelings about things reflect the type of people that will come into your life. Sometimes even being positive still attracts the opposite because you’re still clinging onto something unnoticed. Also, the way you could be approaching people could cause them to feel this way and still be around you.

The rice experiment is one of many ways proving this theory. Our bodies contain 60-75% water depending on the source. Dr. Masaru Emoto found a way to analyze the effect that negativity has on us. With three cups of water filled with rice, one being told negative things, the other being positive, and the last one being ignored completely. 

“If you have a peaceful mind and peaceful thoughts, water becomes more peaceful,” Dr. Emoto said in the article “Power of Positivity”. He’s saying that whatever thoughts you portray are what your body will react to and determine who you will attract with that energy. 

The result of this experiment went according to plan. The rice that was told positive things rose and smelled quite good while the rice that was told negative things turned black. The rice being ignored began to completely rot. 

Sending out negative energy just gives you negative situations. You could be positive, but if the negativity outweighs the positivity, then things will just become harder for you. This is blocking your success and stopping you from achieving your goals. 

Thinking or believing that it’s hard to get what you’re wanting only attracts the situation, people, and opportunities that make it hard. Your subconscious mind will bring you what you want. It is very powerful.

Reprogram your thoughts and beliefs by simply thinking about why you can succeed, how you can achieve what you want, and how you can get what you want. Create new patterns of thinking to shift the energy inside to create positivity. 

The universe picks up your energy. Whatever you put out to the universe will come right back to you whether in a person, a situation, or a chance given. 

It sounds easy, but you have to be really focused. One negative thought can affect the whole effort to attract positivity. It’s like mindful thinking; clear your mind and focus on one thing. It can be achieving a goal, getting past a certain stage of something, or just the whole idea of having happy people in your life. 

This most certainly can affect the people around you as well to be positive in things. Once they see your energy change, it will inspire them to also become the way you are about things. The better outlook in life, the better results of it all.