Outer Minds is blowing our minds

2020 has affected the lives of hundreds of people. While many perspectives say the pandemic has had more lows than highs. That doesn’t mean we should ignore the little positivity that rose from it.


Lesly Hernandez, Co-Editor-in-Chief

27-year-old Miranda Moore and her sister Carly Luksich, who currently attends Gunderson High School, started a small sticker business called “OuterMindsCo.”


OuterMindsCo was launched around September of last year. Moore was inspired by a Tiktok and from there, took matters into her own hands.


“I took my graphic design skills and my love for horror movies and made it happen,” Moore said.


Moore’s stickers are inspired by various horror movies, including Scream, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Carrie, and many more.


After receiving some of their stickers, which you can find on Etsy, here are some of the key things I took from the experience.


To start, the packaging was great. The stickers come in a brown envelope with red paint splatter, creating the illusion of blood, and another white card with “blood” drippings to make sure that the stickers don’t fold or get damaged when shipping. The packaging as a whole creates a whole experience, and just like people say, “packaging is everything.”


Furthermore, the actual stickers gave an amazing impression on me. The stickers feel and seem top quality, which can only tell you that quality is an important factor for Moore. 


The stickers are also like none other I’ve seen before. The designs are impressive and one can tell apart the small details on each sticker. 


For instance, on the “Women of horror stickers” bundle, the details on each of their faces are super stunning. One can see the strands of hair and even the wrinkles on the faces.


Overall, the stickers are beyond impressive and more than spectacular. Any horror fans that are looking for top-quality horror stickers should definitely check out OuterMindsCo on Etsy. It would not only help out this small business, but their stickers are certainly worth the money.