Recognizing Depression

Larissa Toscano, Staff Writer

Many adults don’t see teenagers struggling with depression until the teens themselves point it out. If people caught on early and noticed simple signs, it could save a life.


Sadly to say, when a depressed teen is in a household where the parent or guardian doesn’t notice or understand their depression, they could become suicidal. There are simple things to start looking out for during this time. Marian Putzig, a therapist who specializes in mental health, gave her input on the situation.


“There are certain mannerisms that people may have that can give you clues that something is wrong with another person,” Putzig said.


She also shared some examples of what to look for in this type of situation, one of them obviously being if they are crying. It’s a way of them being upset. I find it very common that people would think they´re sad or depressed. 


“When people don’t want to make eye-contact on a regular basis, it’s a possible indicator. They may also be shy so you have to be careful with that,” Putzig said. She also mentioned that it might be a clue that they do not want to reach out and that it can be a complicated thing. 


Many teens have guardians who don’t believe in depression, therefore forcing them to keep their emotions in. I’m lucky to say I’m not that teen, but I still don’t say anything, which affects me horribly. 


“There are different types of ethnic backgrounds that believe that emotional stuff needs to be kept quiet and in the family only,” she said. This means they can’t get the help they need, and it’s probably why they’re always going to keep things to themselves that will eventually destroy them. 


There are certain steps to take when you want to help a friend who is down. First, give them the space to figure out their own emotions and how they are feeling. Then, when they’re ready, or when you’re ready, go ahead and reflect on what they’re saying. Make them feel heard. Paraphrase what they said. 


Some signs that you or your loved ones can be depressed are suicidal thoughts, becoming super insecure, losing interest in hobbies, not caring to be around people they love, becoming super irritable, and so much more. 


Here are some things that could help you or a friend that has helped me in the past. If you feel the need to cut, put a rubber band on your wrist and snap it against the skin. Do breathing counts and focus on your breathing. This can help in any type of situation. Find any type of distractions that you can.


You can try this challenge if social media is affecting you. Try a week break. Stay off of social media for a week and take notes on how you’re feeling each day. If you feel good, then regularly take breaks for a week.