The end is nigh!

Zoe Harms, Editor

The College Board just had a meeting with AP teachers to discuss what is going to happen with the AP tests in May. We’ve all had questions regarding when and where the test will happen, if it’s online, at home, or in school, and if kids will have to take it on different days due to covid. 

“The College Board created three windows where the AP exams can be administered. Because the third window falls outside of the calendar year, we cannot use that as an option. That left the district to opt into windows 1 and 2,” AP US History teacher Gerson Castro said. 

Having it online and in school will help benefit those who don’t have access to the internet or wifi at home. In addition to providing a testing environment, SJUSD has decided to pay for the AP exams this year so all tests will be free of charge. 

“The plan is for some of the exams to be done during window one and for the rest to be done during window two. All of the exams in window one will be on-site and done with paper and pencil. The exams that will be done during window two will be done online and at home,” Castro said. 

A handful of the tests were set for May 10th but have now been moved to May 20th, giving classes more time to prepare. “I absolutely love this plan! Gives us 9 extra days of review and cram time,” AP Environmental Science teacher Roy Walton said.

College Board hosts several tests per day which can cause some students to be stressed about possibly taking two tests in one day. US Government and World History are on the same day; similarly, Seminar, Computer Science, Biology, and Environmental Science are on the same day.

Be on the lookout from your teachers to see if they have reviews and practice tests planned. I would recommend also watching the Youtube videos that the College Board has on their channel,” Castro said. “Look in the mirror and remind yourself that you are a ‘BAD***’!” 

Confidence is key when going into a test as hard as an AP exam, so make sure you are completely prepared and start studying as soon as you can. Mr. Walton’s three steps to being ready are “Stay positive – get prepped – start planning.”

All the tests are going to be a little different and all over three hours. Regarding AP Environmental Science, Mr. Walton said, “We will have 70 minutes for 100 multiple choice questions and 50 minutes for 2 FRQs; there is a break in between for students to the bathroom, stretch, cry, pray, etc.”

Just remember to try your hardest and stay focused; these tests aren’t made to be brain stoppers or impossible to pass. These tests are important but don’t freak out if you don’t get the score you want. Good luck everybody!