Quarantine Recap


Marley Romero, Section Editor

From one year to the next, we have been kept in our houses, away from school, and away from the people we love. March 13th marked one year of being in quarantine. We were sent home that Friday in 2020 thinking we would come back in a few weeks. 


We’ve been in quarantine for over a year now and a lot of things have changed. We went from no eating indoors to minimal indoor seating. Only a certain number of people were allowed inside of a store, and now most stores are up to 100% capacity. Things are still not fully open and we are still expected to wear masks and stay six feet apart. 


Many people have struggled with being in quarantine and some still struggle after an entire year.


“The hardest thing that I dealt with at the beginning of quarantine was that being alone bothered me more than I realized,” junior Jennie Pham said. “What helped me get through it was learning to be mentally independent.” 


Not only did quarantine affect us mentally, but it also made making and keeping relationships harder. So many people can’t see their families because they are either in another state or they are too high risk. 


Since leaving school a year ago, we have had the option to either keep doing online school or go back in person. 


“I’m waiting until next year,” Pham said. “I do have a family member at risk so better to be safe than sorry.”


Now it’s been a year and many people are surprised that we are still in quarantine. 


“I suspected around half a year at first, but not an entire year,” junior Elliot Ahlstroem said. “I thought that people would be at least slightly more responsible or that we’d get some kind of medication to combat COVID-19 before a vaccine that would at least slow the death rate.”


Now we are able to sit indoors at restaurants, play sports, and for some schools, go back to in-person classes. And once everyone gets the vaccine, we will once again be able to go out without masks and social distance.