Netflix Lost Its Hype


Lesly Hernandez, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Removing popular and well-known shows from your platform isn’t a great move.

Netflix has recently been getting rid of great shows from their platform, upsetting many people. In addition to this, they have also continued raising their monthly subscription cost. 

As a result of this, Netflix has started going downhill and is starting to make people think whether or not it’s worth their money any longer. 

According to Insider, various shows that have been canceled by Netflix include The Society, Anne With An E, Altered Carbon, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Santa Clarita Diet, and GLOW. Some of the ones listed were canceled after one season, even after gaining a large following. People became upset by this news, as they wouldn’t see any new seasons or episodes for their favorite shows.

Investing every month in a platform that will continue to cancel original content and quality shows is just not worth it, especially now that there are many other streaming platforms that offer the same (or more) content than Netflix and they don’t cancel as many shows.

While Netflix is adding more and more content to its platform every month, they are still removing the content that people are passionate about and have already built a connection with.

Moreover, Netflix is not only canceling shows with large followings, they too are constantly raising their prices. 

The most common plan people get is the standard plan, which offers On-demand HD movies and shows, two simultaneous streams, and offline viewing. The price for this plan changed from $11 to $13 in 2019. Soon enough in 2020, it transitioned from $12.99 per month to $13.99 per month.

Furthermore, the Netflix Premium plan, which offers On-demand HD/UHD movies and shows, four simultaneous streams, and offline viewing, increased from $15.99 to $17.99 per month.

While the increase is a few dollars per month, at the rate it is going, the cost for a streaming service that is canceling more and more popular shows is going to be high over the years, making it overall not worth the money.

Going back to the canceling of shows, Netflix’s platform consists of original and other companies’ content. Most often, Netflix releases its original shows all at once. 

However, when it comes to a new television show, Netflix will get the newest episodes three months to a year after the entire season ends.

This becomes frustrating because I have to wait longer than others to get to watch new episodes of my favorite show. And that goes without mentioning trying to avoid the ungodly amount of spoilers on social media. 

Overall, compared to other new streaming platforms, Netflix used to be great, but now it’s letting me down. 

I suggest Netflix either brings back the shows they have canceled, like the ones that have overwhelming support, and slow the increase of the monthly cost, or they will see a decrease in subscribers.