Teachers love homework during distance learning

Joey Ryan, Staff Writer

During distance learning it has been hard for students to catch up on homework or school projects they get because they are overloaded with them. Teachers are being too strict during COVID times and wont give students a break. Ap students are very overloaded and spend multiple hours doing homework. Students get stressed out due to too much work. For many students distance learning is harder than regular school.


Teachers have been giving too much homework out during distance learning. A Senior  Ap student Maddie Einck believes the conclusion of the school year is turning out to be very stressful. “With the semester coming to an end, I have multiple papers and projects due and [I] must prepare for the upcoming AP tests on top of my everyday work load,” she stated. “This means almost every week day, I spend four [to] six hours doing some kind of school work.”Einck spends all of her free time on homework instead of doing other activities she wants to do.


Students’ stress levels are rising due to overloads of homework teachers are giving them. According to the American Psychological Association more than 2 in 5 Gen Z teens (43%) say the level of stress in their life has increased over the past year. Students gain much more stress due to school and homework, and if we limited the homework the stress levels would lower.


Distance learning has been hard for everyone due to limited social interaction and the distractions around the house. Many students have had trouble keeping their grades up due to over loads of homework and stress. I personally have been working extra hard to keep up with all of the work and also to keep my grades up.


 Social learning has been hard for everyone and we just need to get back to school so we don’t have to worry about distractions at home, and we can just focus on the class and the teachers only.