Everything you need to know about Black Friday shopping during Covid


Zoe Harms, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The time has come for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to occur, but what will stores and department outlets do now that we are back in the purple tier?

Before I go into any further depth, I want to caution everybody that no flat-screen tv is worth your personal health and safety.

Everyone should be cautious about shopping in-person on Black Friday. There have been a lot of recent cases popping up because people are going out in public and going out to parties. A ton of stores are going to be closed on Thanksgiving but will open at 12 am on Black Friday. 

To reduce dangers on Black Friday, stores have already taken necessary precautions. Walmart, for example, has already started their Black Friday deals and will have sales open all month long, even after Cyber Monday. 

There is no way stores are going to be able to house hundreds of people with Covid happening, so be prepared to turn around when doors open. Stores are going to have line markers for spacing six feet apart and masks are required before entering the stores. 

Not to mention, Black Friday was already losing its relevance long before Covid-19. Online sales are already up 21% more than last year as of November 12th. 

Black Friday is turning into Cyber Monday. For safety reasons, stores have already made deals available online to keep their workers and the public safe from Covid. 

Wait times are definitely going to be a lot longer and not as many stores are going to be open, but deals are coming sooner. Knowing this, is it worth it?

No, it’s not because being back in the purple tier, everything is a lot more dangerous and a lot of stores are going to be closed anyway. We could see a major spike in Covid-19 cases over the next few weeks for what? A new pair of Jordans? 

The United States alone has 11.4 million Covid cases, and of that, a high number of  248,000 people have died from it. 

A much safer and easier alternative to shopping in-store during Covid, online shopping is always a good choice. You could just as easily wait two more days for Cyber Monday with the same deals yet online. On behalf of the Paw Print, stay safe on Thanksgiving Break!