Spill the “gundTea”


Many have come across the Instagram account @grizzly.confessions run by two anonymous Gunderson students, where you are able to send anonymous confessions.

“It was completely random and instantaneous,” the anonymous account runners said. “We thought that because everyone must’ve been so bored with online learning, that we could possibly bring something entertaining to it…” 

Some people may think that this account was created to bash people or cyberbully others because the account runners ask for brutal honesty. But the intent of the creators was to distract everyone from the stress of the pandemic.

“Unlike other confession accounts, which start drama and talk sh*t about people, I love that this account focuses on positivity”, Senior Katherine Li said. 

While this account was made innocently, there are still some complications with making an account like this.

“We used to get a lot of people telling us how immature making an account like this was,” anonymous said, “…it’s keeping people entertained and me and my friend do not support hatred…”

Aside from hate and negativity, this account has also helped to bring people out of their shell and be able to get things off their chest in a controlled environment. 

“…a good amount of confessions have been made and I think people find comfort in the fact that it’s all confidential…” anonymous said. “This account has no bad intentions behind it whatsoever, me and my friend are trying to use this platform…as a way to help those who may not have someone to talk to in times of need.”