Celebrity Cardigan on a Bargain


Admittedly and similar to many people my age, I am a fan of Harry Styles. He has been an inspiration to millions of people across the globe and continues to influence people’s lives every day through his music and personality.

Earlier this year, Styles did a performance wearing a bright, colorful cardigan from the designer brand JW Anderson. People all over the internet came together on how much they love this cardigan and many people began making it at home. In July 2020, the brand released the pattern for this knit cardigan that Styles was seen wearing.

Originally, I saw that people were making it on TikTok and I loved how it looked. I never had the motivation to make it until about a month ago. Throughout quarantine, I watched videos and taught myself how to crochet and knit.

One day, as a joke, my friend Alexa Ramos suggested that I should make her the cardigan. She’s a Harry Styles fan unlike any other. You could say she’s super-fan material (Get it? Because cardigan, material? Anyway.) After she said that I should make her the sweater, I jokingly said that I would and didn’t think anything of it for a few days. 

A few days later, I was going through TikTok and saw another video of someone making the cardigan. I decided to look into some tutorials on how to make it and saw how achievable it would end up being for me. After watching tutorials on YouTube, I decided to give it a try.

With Ramos already thinking I was joking, I began working on the cardigan. It took me three and a half weeks of working nonstop and every minute of my free time, but I did it. I made the legendary Harry Styles cardigan.

Ramos ended up really liking the cardigan and her reaction was virtually priceless because every time I talked about it she thought I wasn’t serious. 

I’ve been going through a journey of finding ways to make things at home and for a more affordable price. It started with making my coffee at home and has transformed into making clothes. So, let’s talk prices. The official cardigan from JW Anderson that Styles was wearing during his performance was  the high price of $1600. All of the supplies that I used to make the cardigan, including materials and tools, were a total of $36. 

I genuinely think that it was worth the time and energy because I really loved the end result. I was happy to give my friend the amazing gift and especially because she is a huge fan of Styles.

What’s next for me? Because I’ve been talking about making the cardigan for three weeks and showing my peers and friends the process, I had someone at work interested in me making one for them. I can’t wait to try new designs and colors moving forward and seeing where this journey takes me.