Permits in 2020

Permits in 2020

Marley Romero, Section Editor

Getting your permit is already a big deal, but trying to get it during a pandemic brings a whole new set of problems. 

In order to take the permit test, you need to have certain paperwork and other requirements met. You must be 15 and a half, take the Driver’s ED course online and have your birth certificate along with other forms of identity when you walk into the DMV. 

Doing anything at the DMV is already a long and tedious process, but when you add the fact that fewer people can be inside at one time, it’s even longer and more tedious. You walk up to the desk and between you and the person helping you is plexiglass. Masks make it hard for you to hear them. Not only do you have to worry about remembering the right answers to the test, but now you have to worry about listening and giving the right information to the person on the other side of the plexiglass. 

Once you finally give all your information and take your picture that usually comes out mediocre even though you spent hours working on your hair and makeup, you can sit down and take your test. You have to sit in a tiny cubicle and try to complete the test in a certain amount of time. You are only allowed to make 7 mistakes, and once you make all of them, you start to freak out and make sure that you don’t mess up again. 

The test is finally over and you press the submit button in hopes of seeing a “Congratulations” on the next screen. Hooray! You passed and you feel about 100 pounds lifted off your shoulders. You can now learn to physically drive a car.

You thought the permit test was the hard part? Wait until you get behind the wheel.