At-home coffee


I recently started a new job, and I was excited to see that Starbucks was right next door. Maybe twice a week I would get coffee on my break and I really enjoyed it. I used the app to order it; then would just walk over and pick it up. When using the Starbucks app it doesn’t feel like you’re spending real money because of how easy it is to pay. As time went on, I realized that I had spent almost $60 on coffee within one month. I decided to cut back on the amount of Starbucks I was buying and purchase all the ingredients to make it at home. I bought almond milk creamer and sugar-free syrup to add to the coffee we already make home every morning. So far I’ve liked it so much better, and there have been so many reasons that I think making coffee at home is a better option than getting it out.

The main and most important thing I’ve noticed since I’ve started making coffee at home is how much money I’ve saved. Buying all the ingredients to make my coffee at home only costs about $15 for one month. Like I said before, one month of getting Starbucks for me (which would only be about 10 coffees in total) is about $60. A study from Lazy Man and Money shows that “Americans who drink coffee at home will save around $427 per year compared to those who buy coffee from coffee shops.” This data was taken using the average price of coffee in the United States; this means the average of all sizes and types of drinks. I’ve already noticed the difference in the money I’m spending, and I’ll probably notice it more as the year goes on.

Another thing that I’ve noticed about making coffee at home is that you can personalize the coffee any way you like. You can personalize your coffee at Starbucks, but every extra shot of espresso or pump of syrup costs more money. It can also be bothersome to baristas when your order is really complicated. When you make it at home, you can add whatever you like. Yes, it would cost money, but not as much as what it would be buying it out. At Starbucks, 4 extra pumps of syrup is $.60, an extra shot is $.90, and the substitution of milk is $.80. The cost of making it at home is so much lower. Depending on the syrup and type of milk you buy, it’s usually cheaper to buy these products and use them at home. The syrup I bought was $4.49 for a bottle (12.7 oz) with 12 servings, which would be only $.37 per serving (which is equal to 4 pumps) compared to the $.60 at Starbucks. The almond milk creamer I bought was $4.89 for a bottle (28 oz) with 55 servings, which would be about $.09 compared to the $.80 at Starbucks. 

Getting coffee out may be more convenient, but making coffee at home is considerably more environmentally friendly and better for you. Starbucks goes through about 4 billion to-go cups annually, and most of them end up in the landfill. Getting coffee at a coffee shop could be detrimental to the environment without you even realizing it. The simple change of making coffee at home could be what we need to go in the right direction in terms of climate change. 

Taking all of this into consideration, I’ve determined that I will be trying my best to make my coffee at home instead of getting it out from now on. It’s so much better for the environment and you have so much more customization options when you do. Think about this the next time you go to Starbucks, Pete’s, Dutch Bros, or another coffee shop.