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Psychology TikTok

Psychology TikTok

Psychology is the study of the brain to determine how it impacts behavior, but on TikTok, it is more entertaining than you might think. Psychology on TikTok has become a popular platform to share weird tricks or hacks that only people who research psychology would know. These videos use what humans have learned about the human mind to help viewers get interviews or even better sleep.


The creators usually format their videos by telling the viewers what their fact is or by engaging viewers by acting out the fact. One famous TikToker, Jayus, is known for filming herself in a mirror to share her psychology tips. 


Some of the most famous psychology TikToks explain complex psychological issues such as the Grandfather Paradox in a video by @mikeschimm, hacks to get people to respect you, and even what your sleeping position says about you. 


To start enjoying both educational and entertaining psychology content, watch creators such as @mikeschimm, @onlyjayus, and @raquelolsson.

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