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Teacher TikTok

Teacher TikTok

One subsection of TikTok is teacher TikTok. Many teachers are using the app as a way to express themselves because their students encouraged them to do it, or because of their own interest in it.


Teachers usually make TikToks about their class or the subject they teach to help kids who might be confused about that subject. Sometimes they make jokes about their students, in a loving way, of course. Some share anecdotes about things that happen in the classroom. Before distance learning, some would make TikToks with their students. Another teacher TikTok trend is to show the decorations they use in their classroom and where to find them. Others have also been sharing how online learning is going and what their tips and tricks are. 


Some teachers have gotten really popular off of TikTok, gaining hundreds of thousands of followers. Some examples are @mrs.woolleyin5th, @misstewsroom, @thatnewteacher, and @historyrulez. 


TikToks made by teachers are usually lots of fun to watch because they include a lot of colors and fun energy. 


Teachers of all grades make TikToks, including kindergarten and first grade, all the way to high school and college.

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