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Baby TikTok

Baby TikTok

Recently, many parents are posting videos of their babies and the cute things that they do on TikTok. If you see those videos on your page, then you are on Baby TikTok.

Baby TikTok is just one of the many sides of TikTok. Depending on your interests, you might see cute little babies on your For You Page. Some of the most famous baby TikTokers are @baidaugh (baby Franklin), @greyandmama (baby Greyson), and @brittikitty (baby Lily) who have gotten millions of views, likes, and followers. 

Greyson (filmed by his mom) is famous for always saying “thank you mama”, in a really sweet way when he is given food by his mom. Franklin (also filmed by his mom) makes videos that they call “Franklin Choice” where his mom put two things in front of him and he gets to choose what he wants.

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