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Seleste Lopez

New art teacher Seleste Lopez has found a new home at Gunderson. When it comes to her hobbies, Lopez is definitely the creative type. 


“I like to garden and to be outside a lot. [I] paint, of course, I try to paint as much as I can,” Lopez said. “I have a Nintendo Switch and I only play Animal Crossing on it. It’s a lot of fun.”


Lopez went to San Jose State University to major in art, specifically ceramics, and minor in child and adolescent studies. She began her interest in art at a young age and soon after realized she wanted to teach it as well. 


“I have had a lot of fun learning about art and creating art, I would always work with students, like the Y care or after school programs or summer camps,” Lopez said. “I just really enjoyed teaching art to them, rather than like doing sports, I always enjoyed that. So then I was kind of like, ‘Okay, well, maybe I’ll be a teacher,’”


All things considered, she’s glad to be at Gunderson and start something new. 


“All the students have been great. I enjoy them being in my classroom and they’ve all been wonderful with this distance learning,” Lopez said. “The school campus is really big. I wonder if it feels smaller when everyone’s here, but it feels really big now. [With] all the teachers that I’ve encountered, everyone’s really kind and helpful, and even though this distance learning if someone needs help. They’re willing to help. And it’s just been a great experience so far.”

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