Marley Romero, Section Editor

Everyone loves an online provider that gives them a great variety of shows and movies they can watch when they’ve finished their homework in GLC or have a free period and need something to pass the time. 

With a 4.2 star rating, Netflix is that streaming service to use to relax and watch new or old shows that you haven’t seen in a while and want to binge-watch. There is so much variety and there is always at least one movie or show that interests you.

One of the things that’s great about Netflix is that it is so convenient to access. You can have it on your phone, computer, and T.V. 

It’s like, easy to just have around in case you’re bored or have nothing to do”, freshman Katie Lee said.

Whether you’re traveling or are sitting on the couch very displeased by the guide, you can turn on a Netflix show or movie.

Something else that is great about Netflix is the variety it has. Disney+ only has Disney and Marvel, which is not every show or movie out there. Netflix can give you Disney, Nickolodeon, Freeform, and so much more. They have so many genres of movies, so you know you’ll be able to find something for whatever mood you’re in.

“…there’s like a lot of different things, and from different people. So you’re just going to get a really big variety of shows and movies,” Lee said.

Although Netflix has a wide variety of shows, Disney+ brings back some of the memories that have been hidden for a while. 

“They have like old like TV shows which is like what I mainly watch”, junior Franny Romero said.

Even though Disney+ helps you remember your childhood, Netflix makes its own movies as well as a variety of shows and movies. This can be very convenient if you want to watch something new.

I prefer Netflix because the only thing I watch on Disney+ is the Mandalorian,” senior Jordan Hankoff said. “I made my dad buy it and I don’t even use it anymore.”