Students and teachers are unhappy with the renovation of the forum


Emmanuel Ramirez, Staff Writer

The process of renovating the forum has elicited unfavorable feedback from both students and teachers, implying the disruptive impact it has had on the school community.

The renovation of the forum has been going on for a while now and it hasn’t been a pleasant experience for both the students and the teachers, but more for students. Both students and teachers claim that it is too loud, which annoys, distracts and interrupts the students learning environment.

“It’s affected me in English class because the classroom is right next to the reconstruction..we were writing an essay and it was distracting and hard to focus,” says junior Yaremi Perez.

In addition to that, teachers also find the renovation of the forum to be quite annoying.

“[Construction] should have been done. I think it’s something we needed but they’re taking their sweet time finishing it. They had started it in, what, before last school year ended and all summer they barely touched it and it’s not done yet, and it’s already November,” replies Sal Munoz, football coach at Gunderson High School.

However, not everyone is bothered by the fact that the renovation is taking a long time. Some just felt it was necessary. 

I felt like it was needed. So much needed,” Yaremi Perez said.

In addition to that, people don’t think the renovation will benefit the school, they think it’ll just make it look better.

“I think it’ll look better than before. Hopefully, more open,” Munoz said. “I think it’ll make it look nicer,” Yaremi Perez said.

Although the renovation is negatively impacting some students, many think it will all be worth it in the end.

“I think it’s going to come out very nice, and it’s been worth the wait,” says Perez.